Your fabulous items are priced with the prospect of sale and your highest return at the forefront.  Our pricing schedule is based on a 50/50 split in your favor.
The  original sale price remains for 30 days.  If the item has not sold, it is then reduced by 15%, and after 60 days, an additional 10%.  Day 90 becomes the item's pick up date.   Any unsold item must be picked up by that date.    After that time we are inclined to believe that if not picked up,  your wish is for us to dispose of your item and the item becomes the property of Too Good To Be Through and can be dealt with at the company's sole and absolute discretion.
Please keep track of the pick up date provided.
While your item is on our floor for sale, it remains your property and if you so choose, can be reclaimed and picked up anytime during business hours within the 90 days as specified.  Should it be in the first 45 days, a 25% fee will be charged based on the original consignee fee. 
It is our endeavour to provide the best service possible with customer satisfaction as our focus.
The ability for us to effectively move stock through our system gives the store an enticing fresh appeal that our customers really appreciate.